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In this guide, we will show you how to add barcodes to your Product Labels and Pack Lists.

Please Note: Barcodes will show on your Invoice and Purchase Order default templates but will need to be added if custom templates are created.

Adding barcodes to a Product Label or Pack List CSV Template in Expandly

1. Click Settings (left Menu) and then click Template Designer:



2. Click mceclip2.png (top right)

3. On your Templates page, fill in the following details:

Template Name - what you want the template to be called

Template Type - select from the drop down, select either Product Labels or Pack Lists from the drop down:

4. Within the Template design section, drag and drop the keywords from the left-hand side, to build your template, to include any fields that you want to be exported/shown on the template. To ensure the barcodes are included on the template, please include any of the following keywords:

Products Labels:

Pack Lists:


Purchase Orders:

5. Once you have complete the template, click mceclip5.png (top right)

6. You can then use these templates to export product labels for your products, or packlists for your order management. If the barcode has been included, you will then be able to easily scan this to bring back product or order data on Expandly. 

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