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In this guide, we will show you how to assign different variation attributes to your products.

If you choose to merge your Products & Listings in Expandly, this can at times, result in different attribute names becoming  associated with products within Expandly, if these are set up differently channel-by-channel (For Example: You may carry out the initial import of a product from your website where the Variation Name is 'Color' but then on eBay, the Variation  Name used is 'Colour').

This in some instances, can result in issues when you attempt to update areas your listings as the variation mismatches could cause errors to be returned from the sales channel.

To resolve this, you can map different variation attribute names at sales-channel level, which will allow the correct Variation Name to be passed to the sale-channel when updating, and will prevent the mismatch errors from being returned. 

Assigning/Mapping different Attribute Names to your Products

1. Click Products & Listings (left navigation menu) and then click Manage Products:

2. On your Manage Products page, find the variation product you would like to update by using the search function or available filters and then click :

3. On the Editing Product page, go the the Variations tab of the product and within the Variations section, find the variation you wish to update and then click the icon:

4. On the Sales Channel Details pop-up, find the Sales Channel (where you need to map to a different Attribute) and then select the applicable Attribute Name which needs to be applied, from the drop-down:

Please Note: If the Attribute Name you need to apply is not show on the drop-down list, this can be added via you Manage Variations page - for more details, please see Support Guide below:

Creating and managing variations on Expandly – Expandly: Help & Support

5. Once the Attribute has been selected from the drop-down, click on the pop-up and then you can save the product changes by either selecting:

- this will allow the changes to be saved on Expandly only

- this option will allow the changes to be saved on Expandly and for you to select which channel listing(s) need to be revised. 

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