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How to Manually Add a Product


This guide will help you to manually add a product to Expandly.


1. Click on Products on the left-hand side of the screen.


2. Click on Manage Products.


3. Click on Add Product on the right-hand side of the screen.


4. Enter information about the product, such as Title and Description. Fields marked * are required fields and must be completed, but other fields are optional.


5. If you want to donate a percentage of your eBay sale to a charity, click the charity button, choose the charity from the drop-down list and add the percentage. 


6. When you have completed the necessary fields, click the Next button at the bottom of the page. 


It will now take you to the Variations page. You can click HERE for the guide on how to set up variations of a product.  




7. Click the Next button. You can now upload all of the images you have for this product.

8. Click on Select Images. 


9. Search for all of the images you have of the product.

10. When you have selected all of your images, click Open.



11. Click Upload and wait for the pending bar to complete.

12. Click the Next button.  


10. You can set up custom attributes and values for this product. For example, if your product was a red t-shirt, the attribute would be 'colour' and the value would be 'red'. You can add as many attributes and values as you want by clicking the Add More button.  

11. Click the Next button.  


12. If you have already created a Listing Template, you can select it and list the product straight onto your sales channel. Alternatively, if you click Submit at the top of the screen, Expandly will create the product, and if you have chosen a template, it will list the item as well.  


If you have completed the fields correctly, you have successfully added a product.

If you have completed the fields incorrectly, an error message will appear. You may need to make some changes before you can successfully list. 


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