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How to Edit your Account Information


Editing your Account Information


This guide will show you how to edit your info in 'My Account'


In the top-right corner on any page will be your store name and store ID (4-digit number). Clicking on this will provide a drop-down menu: 



To edit your account information, go to My Account



On this page you can add a secondary email address, add a physical address, as well as an account picture and so on... 


 On the left-hand side is your Account Info where you can add a Secondary Email, Change your Password or Upload an account image (Only .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, .gif files are supported. Maximum size of file is 1 MB.): 


On the right-hand side is your Personal Info where you can add your Names, Address and Contact details:


When you've added/ edited your information, click Save in the top right-hand corner: 




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