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Expandly_-_Logo_-_White_1.png How to Use the Manual Merge Feature


Using the Manual Merge Feature

The manual merge feature has been created to allow you to sync products that do not share the same SKU or title together.  

Products & Listings>Manage Products




1. Click on Merge Products.



2. Select which products you wish to merge together using the relevant tick boxes. 



3. Choose which type of merge you wish to carry out; Single Products:


Or Variation Products


TIP: You can only select 2 products if they are variations, but you can merge as many single products together as required.  Please note: Unfortunately, you are unable to merge a single product to a variation at this time. 


4. Select your Primary Product (the product to use as the master for all other products selected to merge to). Tick the box of the primary product and click next: 



5. Update (Save) the product



6. Success! Your products should now be merged for better stock control. 


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