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Expandly_-_Logo_-_White_1.png How to List a Single Product to Multiple Channels


Listing Single Products

Products & Listings>Manage Products




1. Create or Edit an existing product you wish to list. 

To learn more on creating a product, click here.  You can edit a product by clicking the SKU or by choosing the pen & paper icon under Action on the right-hand side of the page. 



2. Select the Sales Channels tab


This should then show you tabs for all sales channels connected to your Expandly account: 



3. Unless the information is different from the main product, click Copy Information from Master Product Details




4. Once you're happy the information is correct, select Save and List Now. This will update the product and the listing wizard will appear


5. Select the Channel(s) you wish to list to and click Next.



6. Choose the relevant Listing Template for listing to eBay or Amazon, the Shipping Template and Category for Etsy, or the Category for all other channels. 

TIP: Click New if you haven't already created templates to create one on the fly. 



7. Once you have selected the relevant template, select List Now or you can choose to Edit the template


 TIP: If you choose to Edit the template, you will be given the option to List Now again, once your amendments have been made. 


8. Success! Your product should now be listed to your selected channel(s)

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