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Expandly_-_Logo_-_White_1.png How to Add a Sales Channel: BigCommerce (In BETA)


How to Add your BigCommerce Store to Expandly

Please note that our BigCommerce integration is still in BETA.  This means the connection may not always be perfect with some features not available and/ or fully working. 


Configuration>Manage Sales Channels



1. Select Add Sales Channel 



2. Select BigCommerce

TIP: To add your BigCommerce store, you will need to API details and an API Key. 



3. Select Connect BigCommerce


4. Enter your Account Name and Store URL, followed by your API Key, API Path and API Username

TIP: The Account Name is simply the name that will appear on Expandly. Please note that if you have more than one account you will have to give them unique names. 


To obtain your API details from BigCommerce: 

1. Log into your BigCommerce account 
2. Click Settings. 
3. Select Legacy API Accounts. 
4. Click Create a Legacy API Account. 
5. Type the name of the user in the Username box. 
6. There you will find API Path and API Token boxes. 
7. Click the Save button.


5. Click Next...

...and then Connect to BigCommerce


7. Success! You have now added your Magento store to Expandly

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