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How to Add your Sales Channel to Expandly

Configuration>Manage Sales Channels



1. Select Add Sales Channel 



2. Select Your Channel

TIP: To add your store, you will need to have your FTP (File Transfer Protocol) details to gain access to your web server. If you do not know your details, please contact your host or access your hosting solution and check their website how to find these details.



3. Select Connect Channel 


4. Enter your Account Name and Store URL

TIP: The Account Name is simply the name that will appear on Expandly. Please note that if you have more than one account you will have to give them unique names.




5. You will now need to add the Bridge file to your web server using your FTP details.  This can be done in two ways: 



Tick the box next to 'Please upload bridge to my store' and complete the fields that appear with your FTP details



or Manually

If, for any reason, the automatic way didn’t work or you would just simply prefer to do it manually click ‘Download Connection Bridge’ and a zipped Bridge file will then be downloaded  to your system.

Once downloaded, you will need to extract the files and upload them to your web server.  We recommend using FileZilla to upload the files to your server, but you can use the application familiar to you. 

First, find the 'public_html' folder and open this:

Next, move the bridge2cart folder into the public_html folder: 

Once added, you can check it has added successfully by visiting yoururl/bridge2cart/bridge.php. 


6. Click Next...

...and then Connect to Channel


7. Success! You have now added your store to Expandly

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