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How to Add a Sales Channel: eBay


Add a Sales Channel: eBay

This guide will help you to connect your eBay account to Expandly. You will be then able to import your existing eBay inventory, listings and sales orders. This will not affect your live eBay listings.


Getting Started>Add Sales Channel


1. Click on the eBay icon.


2. Click on CONNECT EBAY.


3. Enter an Account Name you wish to use to identify your eBay account in Expandly.
4. Select the Region in which your eBay account is registered. For example, UK.
5. Click Next to continue.


6. Click on CONNECT TO EBAY. This will take you to the eBay sign in page.


7. Sign in to your eBay account. You should see the Expandly Consent Form. Click on Agree to link your eBay account with Expandly. This will take you back to Expandly.


8. Close the Import eBay Listing pop-up screen.


Your eBay account should now be linked to Expandly. You can start to import your eBay listings.

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