How to Import Listings from eBay


Import Products from eBay Listings

This guide will help you to import your eBay listings to Expandly. Your products will then be available to list to other Sales Channels if you wish.


Listing>eBay>Manage eBay Listings



1. Click on Import eBay Listing.



2. In Account, select your Expandly eBay account name.


TIP: Wait for the screen to load before proceeding.


3. In Country, select the country associated with your eBay account.



4. In Import Date, click into the From and To boxes to select the date range of the listings you wish to import.



5. If you only want to import active listings, click into the box next to Active Listings Only.

6. Click Import.


You can find your listings on the Manage eBay Listings page.


Listing>eBay>Manage eBay Listings


Your listings may not appear immediately. If you have hundreds of listings with lots of variations, it may take some time.


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