How to Create an Amazon Shipping Preset


Create an Amazon Shipping Preset

This guide will help you to create a new shipping preset for listing to Amazon.


Listing>Amazon>Manage Shipping Presets



1. Click on Create Shipping Preset.



This should open the Add Amazon Presets page.


TIP: Wait for the page to load after selecting drop-down options.



Select the location of your account from the Market Place drop-down menu. For example, UK.

3. Enter a Shipping Preset Name.


BTG Node and Shipping Details

Amazon’s BTGs (Browse Tree Guides) create pathways from main categories to subcategories. A node is a point in a pathway that leads to subcategories.

4. Select a BTG Category from the drop-down menu.
5. Select a BTG Node from the drop-down menu. The Item Type Keyword field will populate with a number.

You can select up to two Category/Node combinations.



6. Select the Service from the drop-down menu.
7. Select the Mode from the drop-down menu. You can choose Additive to allow combined shipping or Exclusive to set one shipping cost per product.
8. Enter the shipping Cost.
9. If you wish to offer additional shipping services, click Add Service.
10. Click Save to create your shipping preset.


You can now create Amazon shipping presets.


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