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Expandly_-_Logo_-_White_1.png How to Map Order Statuses


Mapping Order Statuses

Before any orders can be downloaded from your Sales Channels, you need to map the order statuses.


TIP: Although this procedure uses Shopify as an example, you can follow the steps to add any of our Sales Channel  integrations (NB. eBay, Amazon and Etsy do not require this process).


Configuration>Manage Sales Channels



1. Click on the eye icon next to your web cart sales channel.



2. On the Store Details pop-up screen, click on the paper icon.



On the Map order status pop-up screen, you need to match each Web Cart Order Status with a Local Order Status. The Local Order Status options are offered by Expandly. Web Cart Order Status options can vary between providers.


TIP: You must map each Local and Web Cart Order status at least once.

TIP: Each mapped status pair should be a unique combination.        




3. In the Local Order Status column, click on a Select Order Status drop-down menu to select an option.



4. In the Web Cart Order Status column, click on the corresponding Select Order Status drop-down menu to select an option.



Your selected statuses are now mapped.



5. Once you have mapped all your order statuses, click Save.



You should now be able to download orders from your web cart.


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