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Expandly_-_Logo_-_White_1.png How to Manage Sales Orders


Manage Sales Orders

This guide will help you to manage your sales orders on Expandly.

The Manage Sales Orders page displays all of your orders and should automatically update.


Sales Orders>Manage Sales Orders



Row Fields

Information fields for each sales order appear on a row.

  • You can use the tick boxes for Bulk Actions.
  • The sales channel used for the order appears under the house icon. In the example below, the sales channel is Amazon.


  • The Date field shows the date the order was placed.
  • The Order Details field shows the order number. Additionally, if you hover over the Order Details information, a small pop-up will show you the name and address of the customer who placed the order.
  • The Sku field shows the SKU for the product.
  • The Product Name field shows the product title, although this is limited by the length of the field. If you hover over the product name, a small pop-up will give you the full product title.
  • The Stock field shows the quantity ordered and the remaining available stock.


  • The Shipping Method field shows the shipping method selected by the customer.
  • The Amount shows the total amount of the order, including shipping and taxes (if applied).
  • If an icon appears in the Xero field, your sales order has been sent to Xero. This is only possible if you have synchronised your account with Xero.
  • In the Actions drop-down menu, you can select a range of options for individual sales orders.



Row Icons

In the sales order row, there are also five icons that give you visual information about the current status of your order. You can activate these options from the Actions drop-down menu.




This order is Marked as Paid:



  • To mark it as picked (the second icon), click on the Actions drop-down menu and select Mark as Picked.


Alternatively, you can use Bulk Actions.


  • The page will reload. The order should now have the Marked as Picked icon.



Bulk Actions

You can change the details of your sales orders in bulk.



The first set of Bulk Action icons allows you to mark a sales order with common order statuses.



The second set of Bulk Action icons is useful if you need to put orders on hold.



The third set of Bulk Action icons allows you to generate documents and perform organisational actions from your sales order data.



  • Click into the boxes next to the sales orders you wish to change.



  • Click on one of the Bulk Actions icons. 


The action will be applied to all the ticked orders.



You can use the Filters field to rearrange or restrict the sales orders available to view. For example, if you filter by Sales Channels and select eBay, you will be able to view all orders from eBay only.



You can now manage your sales orders.


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