How to Manage Returns


Manage Returns

This guide will help you to manage your returns.


Sales Orders>Manage Sales Orders



1. Click on the Actions drop-down menu.



2. Click on Mark as Returned.



3. You should see the Return Merchandise Authorization Details pop-up screen.



A Return Number will be generated. The Item, SKU, Quantity and Price fields will automatically populate. These fields cannot be altered.


4. Enter a Refund Amount.

5. Select a Reason for the return from a drop-down menu.

6. Select one of the Return Options from the drop-down menu.

7. Click into the Return Date field to change the date the item was returned.



8. Click Create to complete the Return Merchandise Authorization. The order will now display a red returned icon on the Manage Sales Orders page.



You can now view the returned order on the Manage Returns page.


9. Navigate to the Manage Returns page.


Sales Orders>Manage Returns



10. Click on the Filters drop-down menu to filter your list of returned orders.



11. Click the green Action link to edit a returned order. You can alter the Refund Amount, Reason, Return Options and Return Date.



12. Click Update to save your changes.


You can now manage your returns.


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