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In this guide we will show you how to add tracking information to your sales orders in bulk, and then import this into Expandly, using a CSV import. 

Importing Tracking Detail via CSV

1.Select Sales Orders (left menu) and then Manage Sales Orders:

2. On your Manage Sales Orders page, find the sales order(s) you wish to add tracking detail to by using the search bar or available filters:

3. Click Bulk Actions (top right) and then Export Orders to CSV:

4. On the Export Orders pop up, select the 'Export Tracking Detail to CSV' template and then click :

5. Open the downloaded CSV file and add the Shipping Carrier, Tracking Number, Shipping Date, Shipping Note (if any - this information is not mandatory) and Shipping Delivery Service details. Once added, save these changes:

Please Note: Do not make any changes to the exported file as this has been created in the correct format to allow tracking information to be easily uploaded to your sales orders.

6. Once the file has been updated (and changes saved), on Expandly, click Bulk Actions and then Import Tracking Details:

7. On the Import Tracking Details pop up, choose the file and then click :

8. Your request will be added to a queue and it can take around 10-15 minutes for the tracking information to upload on to your sales orders. Once the file has been successfully uploaded, sales orders will update to 'Shipped' status on your Manage Sales Orders page and the tracking infomration added, will be available to view.


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