Add a product using CSV


Step 1

Click on Products on the left hand side of the screen.


Step 2

Click on the Blue add product button to the right of the screen then in the drop down click on upload products via CSV. 


Step 3

You will need to download the Expandly Sample file and copy and paste across your information. Some information is required, you need the Title, Description, Total Quantity, SKU, Cost Price and Start Price. To download the sample file click on the blue "Sample File" button in the top right. 

Step 4 

Upload your CSV file by dragging and dropping the document or clicking the choose file button and browsing through your files.


Step 5 

 When your file is uploaded you can click on the green upload button


Step 6

 If all of the fields were filled in correctly the blue bar will fill up and a tick will appear next to it combined with a green message. If there is something wrong, an error message will appear and it will say if a field was filled out correctly and you might need to make an adjustment to the CSV.




 Now just click save and congratulations you have successfully added a product using CSV.



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