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Expandly_-_Logo_-_White_1.png How to Upload Products via a CSV or TXT File


Step 1

Click on Products & Listings on the left hand side of the screen:



Step 2

and then Manage Products



Step 3

Click on the Blue Add Product button to the right of the screen and then, in the drop-down, click on Upload via CSV or TXT



Step 4

You will need to download the Expandly Sample file and enter (or copy and paste across) your information. Some information is required and you will need to enter:

Title, Description, Total Quantity, SKU, Cost Price and Selling Price.

To download the sample file click on the blue Sample File button in the top right. 

Step 5 

Upload your CSV file by dragging and dropping the document or clicking the choose file button and browsing through your files.


Step 6 

 Once you have added your fileclick on the green upload button:


Step 7

Once uploaded the progress bar will be full and a tick will appear in the status column. You should also receive a success message.

TIP: If there is something wrong, an error message will appear and you may need to make an adjustment to the CSV.




 Now just click Save and you will have successfully added a product using CSV.



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