How to Create an Order


Step 1 

Click on Orders then create order 


Step 2 

Search for the customer that you are creating the order for in the search box.


Step 3 

It will now display the Customers details. You can change the Bill To, Ship to address, email and phone if they have multiple options saved for those fields. You can also change the Warehouse the items will be Shipped From; By using the drop down boxes. 


Step 4

You now have to enter in the Order Number. And select the Order Date and you can do that manually or by using the onscreen calendar. 


Step 5 

Now you can select the Order Source, Order Status and Currency using the drop down boxes. 


Step 6 

You now can search for the Product that the order is for by using the search bar. You can add more then one item by pressing Add More Items. 


Step 7

When you have selected the item it will bring up the details of that item.  You  can then enter in the quantity of the order and add any discount if any. You can also edit the details of the item like the weight and also you can change the price for each item. 

Step 8 

You then have to select what the Payment Status is and also select the Payment Method  from the drop down box. And you can also give the order a Transaction ID and Notes if you wanted to. 

Step 9

You can now enter the Shipping charges, Handling Charges and any Extra Charges and it will display the total cost of the order. When you are done press Create and it will create the order. 


If all of the fields were filled in correctly, congratulations you have successfully created a order. If there is something wrong, an error message will appear and it will say if a field was filled out incorrectly and you might need to make a adjustment to it.


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