Add Variations on a Product


Step 1

Click on Products. 


Step 2 

Click on Manage Products. 


Step 3 

If you are creating a new product click Add Product, if you are adding variations to a existing product click the pen and paper icon next to the product you want to add the variations to.



Step 4

Click on the Variations tab on the top of the screen.  




Step 5 

 Click the tick box next to Has Variations.


Step 6 

You can now Choose a Attribute set or individual Attributes from the drop down menu. If you need to create a Attribute click HERE or create a Attribute set click HERE


Step 7 

You can now enter in the values of the attribute, if you have more then one value make sure to separate the values using a comma.


Step 8 

When you have entered in all of the different values click Generate Variations. 


Step 9 

It will now create a table with all of the different variations by using the values you entered . You can now Enter in the details for each of the Variations. 


Step 10 

You can assign a image for each of the variations as well. To do this scroll down a little and click on Select Images. 


Step 11 

Now you can select all of the images you want to use and press Open. 


Step 12

It will now display all of the images you selected, you can remove a image by pressing remove next to the image. When you are happy with the images press Upload. 


Step 13

You can now click Associate Images to Variations. 


Step 14

You now have to select the Attribute that you want to add the images to. 


Step 15

Now click the tick box of the image that you want to assign to that attribute value for example the Colour Black i want the Black t-shirt image to be assigned to it so i click the box under the Picture on the row of the Colour Black. When you have assigned all of the images click Go.


Step 16

When you have finished press Submit. 



If all of the fields was filled in correctly, congratulations you have successfully added variations of a product with images.  If the fields were not filled in correctly you will get a error message and you will maybe need to make some adjustments before pressing "Submit" again. 



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