Create an eBay Listing Template


Step 1 

Click on Sales Channels.


Step 2 

Click on Ebay. 


Step 3 

Click on Manage Listing Template.


Step 4 

Click on Create Listing Template 


Step 5

Now you have to choose the account, the Market Place and the Category from the drop down boxes. 

Step 6 

Now you have to select the sub category's and also what listing style you want to use Chinese ( Bidding) or FixedPriceItem (Buy it Now).  And also give the Template a title and where the item is located. 


Step 7 

Now you can select the Payment methods that you will accept, if you select PayPal you will need to enter in your PayPal ID. 

Step 8 

Now you have to select the sales channel recommended in the drop boxes on the left hand side and then the best options that describe your item from the drop down boxes on the right hand side. This is to help organise your items and make it easier for buyers that are trying to search for items. 


Step 9 

Now you have to select how long you will take to dispatch the item and the shipping type from the drop down menu. If you choose a flat rate you will then have to choose what service you will use to post the product from the drop down menu, and also you will have to enter the cost that will be charged to the buyer. 


Step 10

Now you have to choose if you will accept returns or not from the drop down box; If you select that you will accept returns then you will have to fill out the other options as well. 


Step 11

Now you have to choose how long you want to list the item for by select how many days from the drop down box and also type in the Buy it Now Price. When you are done and have filled out everything on the page press Submit. 


If all of the fields were filled in correctly, congratulations you have successfully created a Listing Template . If there is something wrong, an error message will appear and it will say if a field was filled out incorrectly and you might need to make a adjustment to it.



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