Edit a Sales Channel Listing Template


Step 1 

Click on Configuration. 


Step 2

Click on Sales Channel Settings then the Sales Channel you want to edit the Listing Template for.



Step 3 

Click on Manage Listing Template.


Step 4 

Find the Template that you want to edit and click on the pen and paper on the right hand side of the screen. 


Step 5 

Now you can edit the Template but you cannot change the account, Market Place or the category. If you wanted to edit these fields you will have to create a new Template. 


Step 6 

When you have finished editing click Update at the bottom of the screen. 



If all of the fields were filled in correctly, congratulations you have successfully edited a Listing Template. If there is something wrong, an error message will appear and it will say if a field was filled out incorrectly and you might need to make a adjustment to it.


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