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How to create a Purchase Order


Step 1

Before you can create a Purchase order you first need have added a Supplier, Warehouse and the Product you want to order. 

Click on Purchase Orders from the menu on the left hand side of the screen. 


Step 2 

Click on manage Purchase Orders.


Step 3 

Now click on the Create Purchase Order button on the right hand side of the screen. 

Step 4 

You will now have to select the supplier you are ordering from and also choose the Warehouse you will be shipping the products to and also the warehouse you will send the bill to.


Step 5 

You can now change the data of the order if you want to but you will have to give the order an unique order number so you can identify it later. 

Step 6 

Now enter in the name of the product and choose it from the list and also enter in the quantity you want to order. 


Step 7

You now need to select the status of the payment from the menu and you can fill out the optional sections if you want to. But when you are done filling out the form press Submit at the bottom of the page. 


If all of the fields were filled in correctly, congratulations you have successfully created a purchase order. If there is something wrong, an error message will appear and it will say if a field was filled out incorrectly and you might need to make a adjustment to it.

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