How to setup Xero


Step 1 

Click on the Configuration menu on the left hand side of the screen then Partner (Add on) Settings.


Step 2

Click on Configure Xero.


Step 3 

It will now open the Configure Xero page and on this page you need to activate your account by pressing activate. 

Step 4 

You will now need to enter in your Xero login details and press Login. 

Step 5

Now click on Authorise to give Expandly permission to link with your Xero account. 

Step 6 

It will now say active next to your account. You now need to map the accounts by using the drop down menus and select the account types you want to map to. When you have chosen press Map accounts and it will map them together. 

Step 7 

You now need to map Tax rates by selecting the Tax type from the drop down menu and then press Map Taxes. 


Congratulations you have successfully added a Xero. 

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