How To Add Custom Fields To A Listing Template


Please Note
Before you can map the fields you first need to have Created them and also have Applied
 them to a product. 

Step 1 

Click on Listing then the Sales Channel you want and then click on Manage Listing Templates.


Step 2

If you are creating a new template then click Create Listing Template or if you are editing an existing template then click the blue pen and paper icon under Actions. 



Step 3

Go through the template and make sure all the fields marked with * are filled out. Go through it until you get to the Optional Fields tab



Step 4

You can now apply the Custom Fields to the template. So if for example on the product you gave it a different name and price change the Title and Start Price to the Custom Field name from the drop down. 

Here you can also apply a HTML Template to the description if you want to know how to add a HTML template please click Here



Congratulations you have successfully added a Custom Field to a listing template. All you have to do now is save/ update the template 

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