Create a custom CSV Order export


Task 1

To start off you first have to click on Configuration.


Task 2

Now you can click on Order Settings then Printing Templates from the list shown.


Task 3

You now have two options you can either duplicate the default Export template and make changes to it or start from scratch. 

Option 1:

Find the template name Export CSV and click on the icon of the new pieces of paper to create a duplicate of this template. 

A popup will now be displayed and you have to enter a name for the new template. 



Now press the pen and paper icon on the new template you just created.


Option 2 from scratch : 

Click on the Create New tab.


Give the template a unique name and also click the drop down menu and choose Custom Csv.



Task 4

If you did option 1 then you will have the default tags already be displayed here but if you did option 2 then it will be blank.

To enter a tag onto the template you can either type the tag out manually or click on the tag on the left hand side and it will add to the template. 


Task 5

There are a lot of tools on the toolbar that you can use to customise your template. Some of the tools include being able to create tables and important images.


Task 6

When you have finished customizing your template click Submit at the top of the page and it will save the template.


Congratulations you have successfully created your own Order Export  

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