How to add your Amazon account to Expandly



Step One

In your Expandly account, go to Configuration > Manage Sales Channels. Here you can add and manage your sales channels.





Step two

To add a new sales channel, click on the Add Sales Channel button on the right-hand side of the page.



Step Three

You will be displayed the list of all the current Sales Channels that we integrate with. If you look at the top of the list, you will see the Amazon logo, please click on it.



A popup will appear that will give you information on the integration and also provide you with some links to the support guides. It will also provide a link that will allow you to create a Amazon account if you do not currently have one. All you need to do on this popup is click the Connect button.


Step Four

The setup section of the wizard will open and it is here that you need to enter your Amazon information:

  • the Account Name is simply the name that will appear on Expandly. Please note if you have more than one account you will have to give them unique names.
  • the Region you choose from the drop down are the regions that you areas you are able to list to from your Amazon account. 
  • the Sync options when ticked will update your stock on your Amazon account when a new order comes into Expandly from any other channel, e.g. a different Amazon account, eBay, Etsy or your webcart. 



Once you have entered all of the information press the 'Next' button. 



Step Five

It will open the Connect section. You will need to fill out your Amazon Seller ID and Authorization token. To find these fields you will need to press the 'Connect To Amazon'. 


Amazon will now open on a new tab. You need to enter your Amazon seller account login details and then click 'Sign in'. 




 Step Six

Amazon MWS will pop-up will now appear, Click on the tick box on the option that says "I want to use an application to access my Amazon seller account with MWS"  

In the Application Name you need to enter in "EXPANDLY" into that field. 


In the Application's Developer Account Number text box, for US or Canada enter 5406-6998-6778

For Europian MarketPlace(UK,France,Germany,Spain and Italy) enter  8772-3156-2191

When you have filled all of that in press Next.

 Step Seven

Once you pressed the Next button you will be brought to this page just to confirm that you will give Expandly access to your Amazon account. Read through the licence agreement and if you agree check both tick boxes to confirm and then press the Next button again. 


Step Eight

It will now display the information you need to copy into Expandly, You will need to copy the Seller ID, and the Authorization Token. 



Step Nine

When you have copied the information into Expandly, just press the 'Next' button.  

Once you press 'Next'  your Amazon account should now be added. If you do not see your account or you receive a error message please try adding your Amazon account from step one again. 

Should the problem persist, please get in contact via our live chat or submit a ticket via our support page:

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