Importing Etsy orders and adding tracking details


Step One

Click Manage Orders under the Orders menu. It will redirect you to the Manage Orders screen and you will see a button named Get Etsy Orders Click on that. It will open a popup window name Set Filter.



Step Two

Once user set their filters click on Get Etsy Orders window. It will import Etsy orders in Expandly and show these orders in the Manage Orders screen.



Step Three

You can update Etsy order statuses in bulk.  To do this you need to select Etsy orders from the grid and then click the Etsy button. It will then update on Etsy.


Step Four

You can change order status by using the actions link in the order grid. Once the order status is set to ready to ship you can add tracking details using Action link from the grid.



Once you click on add tracking details it will open a shipping details window. There are two check boxes one is send notification to seller if this box is ticked it will send a notification to the seller about shipping details, the other is send shipping details to Etsy if this box is ticked it will update the shipping details on Etsy.


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