Amazon Listing Templates


Step 1

Under Configration go to Sales Channel Settings then the Amazon tab and under that the manage listing templates option, then click the create listing templates button on the screen that appears

Step 2

Fill in the boxes with the drop down menus and select if the item has variations or not then click next

Step 3

Scroll through and select the boxes from the categories and then click get specification details, then a new box will appear and you can fill in the details once you’re done click next. If you do not require any item specifications then simply click next.

PLEASE NOTE not all items have item specifications 

Step 4

Fill in the BTG fields from the drop down menu only the service, mode and cost are required fields then click next.

Step 5

The common specification page is all optional and is not required. But to fill it out just choose from the drop down menus and fill out the text boxes. Once you are done click next


Step 6

If you have custom fields set up then you can select them from the product and inventory details tab. Again this is not a required just optional.



When you have finished filling in the template details, click Submit. congratulations you have successfully created a Amazon listing template.

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