How to list to Shopify


Step One

Once your Shopify channel is added go to the Configuration tab click Product Settings and then Manage Category. If your Shopify isn't added please click HERE


Step Two

You will then see a button on the top next to the add category button called Refresh Categories (All) click that one. It will download all the store categories you have added to Shopify to Expandly.


Please Note

You need to have a Text description in the product details in order to list to Shopify. To do this go to your products in products, manage products. Then Edit the Item by clicking the blue pen and paper icon, if you already have a HTML description then you can just copy and paste it across then update the product.


Step Three

Go to sales channels then Shopify and click List Products. Then Select the desired category from the drop down menu and tick the box to the left. Then just click list now.



Congratulations your products have been successful listed to Shopify.

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