How to add your 3dcart account to Expandly


To add your 3dcart webcart to your Expandly account, you will need to have your FTP (file tranfer protocol) details to gain access to your web server. If you do not know your details, please contact your host or access your hosting solution and check their website how to find these details.


Step One

In your Expandly account, go to Configuration > Manage Sales Channels. Here you can add and manage your sales channels.


Step two

To add a new sales channel, click on the Add Sales Channel button on the right-hand side of the page.




Step Three

You will be displayed the list of all the current Sales Channels that we integrate with. If you look down the list, you will see the 3dcart logo, please click on it.



A popup will appear that will give you information on the integration and also provide you with some links to the support guides. It will also provide a link that will allow you to create a 3dcart account if you do not currently have one. All you need to do on this popup is click the Connect button.




Step Four

The setup section of the wizard will open and it is here that you need to enter your 3dcart information:

  • the Account Name is simply the name that will appear on Expandly. Please note if you have more than one account you will have to give them unique names.
  • the store Url is simply the link to your website.



Step Five

To find your API Key, you will need to go onto 3dcart account. 

  1. Log in to your admin panel and go to Settings -> General -> Store modules.
  2. Go to section API XML Web Service Integration.
  3. Click on Enable Advanced API if it isn't enabled yet. Then copy API User Key.

Alternatively it might be in. 

  1. Go to Modules.
  2. Go to SOAP API and click on Change Settings.
  3. Your API User Key will be shown here. 


 Step Six

Now we just need to copy the Key into Expandly.


Once you have copied the fields into Expandly press the Next button.


Step Eight

It will open the Connect section. All you have to do is click the Connect button


It will display a success message if the API information was correct. Congratulations, you have successfully added your 3dcart account!!

Alternatively, if it displays an error message, you might need to install the bridge file again and then retry connecting.

Should the problem persist, please get in contact via our live chat or submit a ticket via our support page:

  !Please Note - Orders will not be downloaded from this account until your map the order statuses. Please follow this Guide to set this up.


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