How To Create An Amazon Pre-set


Step One 

Go to Configuration, Sales Channels, Settings, eBay, Manage Presets. 


Step Two 

Click on Create Amazon Presets.

Step Three

Select a market place and name your preset. You can have 2 

Step Four 

Next you can add all of our shipping information, select a service whether it's an additive or exclusive then add a cost. You can have multiple postage information in one preset. 

Step Five

Now one tab is filled in you can go to the next by clicking at the top. 

Step Six 

Now you can fill in the common specification, adding any warnings or a release and discontinue date as well as options for things like gift wrap avalible or message avalible

Step Seven

Now just click save 


Congratulations! You have created a preset that can be selected within your template! To edit or delete a template just click on either the red rubbish bin to delete or the blue pencil and pad to edit. 

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