How To Create An Ebay Pre-set


Step One 

Go to Configuration, Sales Channels, Settings, eBay, Manage Presets.

Step Two 

Click on Create Ebay Presets.

Step Three

Select a market place and name your preset.

Step Four

Select A dispatch time and a shipping type



Step Five

If you accept paypal tick the box and add your paypal information you can also select any other payment methods from the drop down.


Step Five

With the "Shipping Details And Payment Methods" filled in now go to the "Return Policy And Listing Upgrade" tab. 

Step Six

Next you set your returns policy 

Step Seven

You have to set the item location everything else listing enhancements, post code is optional. 


Step Eight

Now just click save and if all the fields are filled in then it will save. 


Congratulations! You have created a preset that can be selected within your template! To edit or delete a template just click on either the red rubbish bin to delete or the blue pencil and pad to edit. 



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