How to Create an eBay HTML Template



Creating an eBay HTML Template

Products & Listings>eBay>Html Layout


1. Select Create New Ebay Layout 


2. Using the header you can insert various presets, such as tables or images.  Clicking the Source button will allow you to write your template in HTML (or paste HTML in).  


3. Using Keyword Tags on the side of the page allows you to use the template designer as wysiwyg (what you see is what you get).  Just click on these to place them on the page.  This will then ensure that particular information, such as the product title, is pulled into the template when live on eBay, ensuring you can use the same template for all of your listings. 

4. Once completed you can select Save to save your template.  You also have the option to Preview your template before saving should you wish.  


5. Success!  You're now ready to add the HTML Layout to your listing template. Please click here to learn more on how to do this. 



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