Single Item Listing


Step 1

Go to Products then Manage Products

Step 2

Once on the Manage Products page you will have to either edit a product or create a new one by clicking on the add product button or the edit product icon under actions

Step 3

Now go through the product until you get to the sales channel tab

Step 4

Now select the channel you want to list to 

Step 5

Some of the channels such as Shopify, Open Cart and Magento will just have you set the category you want to list to and then you can list. Others such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy will need you to either Use a Template or Store information on Product
Use a Template Step 6
Store information on Product Step 7

Step 6

To Use a Template means that you have already created the Template and you just need to link it to the product to be able to list it. To do this just select a template from the drop down and click the blue link button. 

Step 7

To Store information on the Product means that you need to create the template or load and edit an existing one. Either select a template from the drop down and click the load button then edit it if needs be or select Create New Listing Template click load and you can create the template from scratch. 

Step 8

At the bottom of the page you can either Save to Product or Save to Product & Create Template, saving it to the product saves all the template information to the product and no where else where as saving it Saving to Product & Create Template saves it as well as creating that template so you can use the information again without having to fill it all out. 


Now It's ready to list jut click the blue list now button and you're done. If all the information is filled in correctly then your product will list. 

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