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How to add a Bundle or Kit Product


Step 1 

Click on Products & Listings:



Step 2

And then Manage Products:



Step 3

Click on the blue Add Product button in the top right, before selecting Add Bundle / Kit Product from the drop-down: 



Step 4

Complete the relevant fields on the Product Details tab including adding images and any custom fields, if applicable (You can find out more about custom fields here).  Please be aware that all fields marked with a * are required. 

TIP -  You don't need to enter a quantity here as the total quantity will be calculated from the Bundles/ Kits you add later.


Step 5

Go to the Add Bundle Items tab:



Step 6

You're now ready to add your bundled items to the product. 

TIP - these products should already be in Expandly. 

To begin, start typing the name of the product in the Item (or Search) field and this will find the product(s) for you: 


You can add extra items by clicking the green add more button and remove them by clicking on the red bin icon. 



Step 7

Once your products are added the Total Quantity and Available Bundles fields will automatically populate.

The Total Quantity field is the total stock you have available of that product.  You can then add how many are in the kit.  For example, if the product has a total quantity of 5, and you have chosen 1 as the Quantity of Kits in Bundle then you can have 5 in the Quantity in Kit field.

However, if you have 2 as the Quantity of Kits in Bundle then you can only have 2 in the Quantity in Kit field as this will equal 4. 

The Available Bundles field automatically populates to show how many bundles are available based on the Quantity of Kits in Bundle and Quantity in Kit fields.



Once you've completed all information you can Save the bundle to list later or you can Save and List Now.


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