How to Import or Create an Etsy Shipping Template


Step 1 

Go to Listing then Etsy Manage Shipping Templates

Step 2

Now you can either import or create an Etsy shipping template. To import your templates just click on the import button and it will open a popup allowing you to select your account and then import them. To Create one click on add shipping template 

Step 3

Once you click to add a shipping template you're met with a new screen. First you need to name the template, specify what Etsy shop it's or and set the origin country 

Step 4

Set your shipping costs for individual countries. So if you have free UK shipping then you can just type 0's in the boxes, you can then apply specific shipping charges to specific countries. You can add more countries by clicking on the add more button. There's also the option to add shipping upgrades below the shipping costs, just click on the green add more upgrades text

Step 5

Next you can set the shipping costs for everywhere else in the world. This means that you can set a cost for global shipping but the countries you specified in the previous step will have that shipping cost. You also have to set a processing time for the order dispatch 

Step 5

Once you've filled in all the information click submit 


Congratulations you have created an Etsy shipping template, you can now edit the the template by clicking on the blue pen and paper under actions or delete it by clicking on the red bin 




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