How To Create Orders Via CSV


Step 1 

Go to sales orders then manage sales orders

Step 2

Click on the blue create order button then in the drop down click upload via CSV 

Step 3

You need to make sure that the orders are in the correct format so you'll have to download our sample file by clicking on the sample file button. Once you have the CSV you just have to copy and paste across all relevant information into the correct column 

Step 4

From the drop down select what sales channel the orders are coming from (only sales channels that you've added will appear in the drop down)

Step 5

Click on browse and find the file that you want to upload and open it 

Step 6

If all the information is correct you'll be met with a grid with the information that'll be uploaded. This is the final chance to edit any of the information

Step 7

Once you've checked all of the info and are happy with it click save 


Congratulations! Once you hit save all the orders will be created 

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