How to map your Webcart sales order statuses


Step One

In your Expandly account, go to Configuration > Manage Sales Channels. Here you can add and manage your sales channels.


Step two

On the manage Sales Channels page it will display all of the current channels you have added. 

Locate your Webcart of which you need to map the statuses and press the eye icon next to it.





Step Three

Please note you can have multiple accounts for each webcarts and it will display all of your accounts that you have added for the Webcart.

Once you find the account you need to map, click the paper icon under the action section. 


Step Four

This popup will bring up all of your webcart order statuses on the right hand side of the page and all of the Expandly local statuses on the left. 

To link the statuses you simply need to choose the statuses from the drop downs so that the right hand side field are mapped to that field on Expandly by selecting it on the left hand side. 

Please not you will need to map all of your webcart statuses and all of Expandly statuses at least once. 

Only map your webcarts status (on the right) once but you can use the same Expandly statuses multiple times (on the left). 


Step Five

Once all the statuses have been mapped correctly press the Save button.


If the popup closes, Congratulations, you have successfully mapped your order statuses and you can continue to download your orders into Expandly. 

Alternatively, if it displays an error message, you might need to make some changes to how you mapped some of the statuses. 

Should the problem persist, please get in contact via our live chat or submit a ticket via our support page:


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