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Can I import my historic orders from my shopping carts and marketplaces into Expandly? 

Yes. You can download orders from any Expandly supported channels for a given date range. Once your orders are stored in Expandly they will be kept in Expandly until you delete them.


Can I import my existing products and listings from my marketplaces and shopping carts?

Yes. It is possible to import your products and listings.


Is it possible to merge products where I am selling the same products on a marketplace and my website?

Yes. Expandly has a merge facility with comprehensive options to help you to correctly build up your products and listings within Expandly.


Do I need to merge my products on import?

If you want to use Expandly’s live inventory function then you will need to merge your products.


Can I get help to make sure my data merges correctly.

If you are unsure about how the Expandly merge function works, or are not confident doing this on your own you can contact our support team who will guide you through it.


Can I import images / photos and descriptions?

Yes. When you import your listings your images and descriptions will also be imported.


I currently have 1000s of SKUs live across my channels. Can Expandly cope with this many?

There is no limit to how many SKUs you can have in Expandly however if your account is very large you may require a dedicated server to ensure speed of use.


Can I merge products by SKU?

Yes, you have the option to merge your products by SKU.


What other attributes can I use to merge my products?

You can merge your products by a combination of title and / or SKU according to priorities you set.

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