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Create Custom Fields

This guide will help you to set up custom fields for a product.

Custom fields set on a product can override fields set on a template. This may be useful if you do not wish to create a new template for a product, or if you need to change a product field in order to list to a different sales channel.

Common custom fields include Title, Description, Price, Size, Colour and Brand.

You will need to create a Custom Fields tag to which you can then assign a value.


TIP: Unique product identifiers, such as SKUs, UPCs, EANs, or ASINs, cannot be changed on a product.


Creating a Custom Fields Tag


Configuration>Product Settings>Manage Custom Fields



1. Click on Add Custom Field.



2. Enter a Custom Field Name. This will create a tag.



3. Select a Field Type from the drop-down menu. This will determine whether your custom field is text or number based.



4. Optional: Enter a Default Value. Any value entered here should automatically appear when you create or edit a Product. You can later change this manually on the Product.


Creating a Custom Fields Value


Products>Manage Products



5. Click on Add Product to create a new product or click on the edit icon to amend an existing product.



6. Click on the Custom Fields tab. You will see your Custom Field Names presented in double brackets, for example, [[Brand]]. The brackets signify that these terms are tags. Tags need to be matched to a value.



7. Enter a Custom Field Value for your Custom Field Name. For example, if your Custom Field Name is [[Brand]], your Custom Field Value could be Disney.


8. Click on Update to save your changes.



You can now add custom fields to your product. These product custom fields should override matching template fields.

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