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Logo1.png How to use order rules to automate your ecommerce business



Order rules allow you to automate certain actions when an order comes in and meets your rule criteria.



Order rules allow you to automate certain actions when an order comes in via one of your sales channels or is posted manually and meets set criteria.

For example, you can create an order rule that sends orders from Shopify to your 3PL or a rule that certain products are automatically sent to FBA.

Even better, you can create multiple criteria, actions and rules to cover all instances. 

1. Select Configuration (left menu) and then Order Rules


2. On the Order Rules plage, click New (top right) 

3. In the Rule details box, give your order rule an easily identifiable name

4. In the Criteria box, select the option, operator and value by clicking in the relevant boxes. For example:


To add more than one criteria, click the green Add button

*Note that selecting "None" as your criteria means that every order will trigger the set action. 

5. In the Action box, select the action you want Expandly to take when the above criteria is met by clicking in the relevant boxes. For example: 


6. Once finished, click Save

To pause an order rule, find the rule on the order rules page, and click on the blue Status switch to turn it grey.

To unpause an order rule, click the grey Status switch back to blue.

To edit an order rule, find the rule on the order rules page, and click on the edit icon. 

To delete an order rule, find the rule on the order rules page, and click on the red trashcan icon. 

There are some points to note when using order rules in Expandly:

When is a rule activated?

The rules are triggered when an order comes into the Expandly from your sales channels - therefore they will not apply to any order created before the rule was saved. 

How are the order rules applied?

Order rules applied in sequential order - i.e. each rule will be applied in turn until the sales order meets the criteria of one.

How do I amend the order of my rules?

You can amend the order of your rules by clicking Reorder (top right) and dragging/dropping the rules in place. 

Once a rule has been applied, how do I generate the results (e.g. where's my picklist)?

To generate the results of an order rule, you'll need to run the appropriate action. For example, for an order rule sending different products to different picks list, you would need to run the pick list by:

  • Going to the Manage Sales Orders page;
  • Bulk selecting the relevant orders (e.g. today's orders);
  • Generating the picklists (Bulk actions > print picklist > assigned by Order rules)

Expandly will then generate the different picklists as per the rules and a separate picklist for orders falling outside of the rules. 

What happens to orders that fall outside of my rules?

Orders falling outside of your rules will be handled in the usual way. 

Which shipping carrier can I automatically generate labels for?

Currently, you can use Royal Mail in your orders rules. Other shipping carriers will be available shortly (or can be accessed manually). 

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