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Logo1.png Adding a sales channel - Etsy



Connect your Etsy account to Expandly to import your existing Etsy products, variations, listings, sales orders and stock levels and to create new ones.



1. Select Configuration (left menu) and then Manage Sales Channels


2. Click Add Sales Channel (top right) Expandly_-_Add_Sales_channels.png and click on the Etsy logo

3. If you have not already done so, you will be prompted to configure your Merge and Live Inventory Settings

4. Click Connect to Etsy and click Connect to Etsy again to be taken to the Etsy sign in page

1. Sign into your Etsy account to be taken to the Authorise an Application screen

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Allow Access to authorise Expandly to connect to your Etsy account and be taken back to Expandly


1. On the Connect screen, enter your Shop name exactly as it appears in your Etsy account, the shop language and confirm if you want to important tax types (switch this to off if you are using Expandly to send Etsy orders to Xero) and click Next

2. Close the Import Etsy pop-up screen

Congratulations - your Etsy account is now connected to Expandly

Next Steps

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