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In this guide, we will show you how to connect your WooCommerce account to Expandly, which will allow you to manage your WooCommerce products & variations, listings, sales orders and stock levels. 

Adding WooCommerce to Expandly

1. Select Settings (left menu) and then Sales Channels:


2. Click mceclip1.png (top right) and then click on the WooCommerce logo

3. Click mceclip0.png and confirm: 

Account Name - the name you'll use to identify this account in Expandly (if you have multiple WooCommerce accounts to add to Expandly, we would recommend making the Account Names unique, so you can easily differentiate between the accounts within the platform) 

Store URL - the URL of the website you are adding to Expandly

Merge Setting - this will determine how you want to merge your products in Expandly, when importing from WooCommerce

Image Merge - this will determine whether images will be merged based on the URL, to avoid duplicated images on products within Expandly

4. Select your preferred method for adding the bridge file to your web server, using your FTP details click mceclip3.png

Bridge file - this is used to establish the connection and exchange data

FTP details - this is used to upload or download your data


Adding the bridge file to your web sever

There are two ways in which you can do this:


1. Select mceclip2.png

2. Enter your FTP details 



1. Click mceclip3.pngto download a zipped bridge file

2. Extract the zip file and upload to your web server using the application of your choice (we would recommend FileZilla)

3. The file then needs to be saved onto your server, where the index. php file is stored. This is usually found within the public_html folder (however this is dependant on how your website has been set up so if you are not sure, please check with your developer) 

4. Find and open the public_html folder


5.  Move the bridge2cart folder into the public_html folder


5. Check the success by visiting yoururl/bridge2cart/bridge.php

6. On Expandly, click mceclip0.png

Authorising WooCommerce in Expandly

1. Map your order statuses for WooCommerce and click mceclip3.png

For more information on Order Status Mapping, click here

2. Congratulations! Your WooCommerce account is now connected to Expandly 

Please Note: If you are using Expandly to send WooCommerce orders to Xero, please ensure that you set your currency decimals to 2 on your WooCommerce account (WooCommerce>Settings>General>Currency Options). Failure to do this may result in incorrect tax rounding.


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Next steps

Now that you've added WooCommerce to Expandly, you might want to:

Import Listings

Manage products

Manage listings

Add more sales channels

Manage your orders

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