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Logo1.png Managing products (adding, copying, editing and deleting)



Manage your inventory and stock across your sales channels in Expandly, including adding, editing and deleting products.



1. Click Products & Listings Produces_and_Listings.png (left menu) and then Manage Products Manage_Products.png

2. Here, you can view the Manage Products page, where you can complete the following steps

The Manage Products page shows a complete list of your inventory, including details on cost, selling price, total in stock, total listed, total in orders, available stock and variations (e.g. sizes and colours). From here you can:

Filter - by using the drop-down filter box to search products by field, price or quantity

Quick edit - by clicking any information with a dotted line and entering the updated information (title, cost price, selling price and total quantity)

Edit in detail - by clicking the pencil icon Icons.pngto the right of the product

Bulk edit - by selecting the products (ticking the box to the left) and clicking one of the bulk edit actions at the top (edit, delete, print product labels or export) Bulk_actions.PNG

Copy products - by clicking the copy icon Map_Order_Status.PNG(right) and then completing the following screens (more instructions here)

Delete products - by clicking the red trash can icon Trash_can.PNG(right) and then confirming you want to delete

Before adding products to Expandly, ensure that you've added the necessary brandssuppliersvariations and variations sets

You can find these in the Configuration section (left menu) or click on the links above to follow more detailed instructions

Click on the Add Product button (top right) Expandly_-_Add_Product.png and select:

Add Manually

Upload via CSV or TXT

Search Sales Channel

Add Kit/Bundle Product

Complete the following pages or click on the links above for more detailed instructions

1. To import existing products from your sales channels, click Products & Listings (left menu), select the appropriate sales channel (e.g. Sales_Channel.png) and click Manage sales channel Listings

2. On the Manage Listing page, click Import Listing (top right) Expandly_-_Import_listing.png

3. Select the account, country, from date (the date the intended products were first listed on the sales channel) and to date, and tick the box if you’d like to import active listings only.

4. Click Import

5. Expandly will start importing your listings (this make take a little while depending on the number of products and variations, but as soon as it’s done, your listings will appear on the Manage Products page)

1. From the Manage Products page, you can manually merge/sync products that are the same but have different titles or SKUs by clicking Merge Product (top right) Expandly_-_Merge_products.png

2. On the Merge Products page, select the products you want to merge by ticking the boxes

3. Click Bulk Action (top right) Expandly_-_Merge_products_2.png and select:

Product Merge - merging two or more single products

Variation Merge - merging two variation products

4. Select the primary product on the next screen and click Next to map the primary variations

5. Confirm the merge does not infringe the rules of your sales channels

6. click Save to finish the merge

1. From the Manage Products page, select the products you want to export using the tick boxes (right side)

2. Under Bulk Actions (top centre) click the Export Products icon 

3. Select the format you want to export in (CSV or text) and click Close - your file should download automatically

Next Steps

Now you've added your products to Expandly, you might want to:

Manage listings

Manage orders in Expandly

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