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When you add an eBay account to Expandly, there will be an Expiry Date associated with the token. When the token expires, or you make changes to your password on eBay, you will be required to refresh this, to allow Expandly to continuing accessing the account and its data. 

In this guide, we will show you how to refresh your eBay token on Expandly. 

Refreshing the eBay Token

1. Select Settings (left menu) and then Sales Channels:



2. Click the Edit icon mceclip1.pngfor the account you wish to refresh the token on.  Expiry date details will be available to view in the Token Expiry Date column.


3. Click the  mceclip3.png button. This will then redirect you to eBay where you will be asked to log in and mceclip4.png to Grant Application Access:



4. Once this has been done, you will then be redirected back to Expandly and will received a pop-up notification (bottom right hand corner) to make you aware that the token has been received successfully:



5. Click mceclip5.png

Please Note: Clicking 'Save' will update the token in the database. Skipping this step will not update the token and will result in the token not being updated.

6. Congratulations! Your eBay Token has now been refreshed. 

Please Note: 

Any orders received on eBay during the period that the token was expired will not be automatically imported to Expandly once the token has been refreshed. To bring in any missing orders, and sync inventory, you will be required to carry out a manual import of sales orders on your account:

Manually importing Sales Orders to Expandly

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