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Add products to your Expandly inventory and sales channels by searching a sales channel for the product. Coming soon.


Before adding products to Expandly, ensure that you've added the necessary brands, suppliers, variations and variations sets

You can find these in the Configuration section or click on the links above to follow more detailed instructions

1. Click Products & Listings Produces_and_Listings.png (left menu) and then Manage Products 

2. On the Manage Products page, click Add Product (top right) Expandly_-_Add_Product.png and select Search Sales Channels

3. Enter the product name, item ID, UPC, EAN, ISBN or ASIN into the search box for the sales channel you want to use and click the sales channel name button

4. Find the product you want to copy and click Save (right side) to pull the information into Expandly

1. Once the information has pulled into Expandly, check, add and edit the necessary product details information, including:

Title - what will be displayed when the product is listed on your sales channels

Selling Price - the price you want to sell at

Cost Price - the cost of the product to you

SKU - the stock keeping unit


Total Quantity - the product quantity you hold

Low Stock Quantity - the level of stock you want to be alerted at to avoid selling out

Brand - select the brand from the drop-down menu

Supplier - select the supplier from the drop-down menu (or, if not yet created, save your progress at the top and click the edit icon Icons.png)







Description - enter your product description either by text (for Amazon, Etsy, Wish or shopping cart) or HTML (for eBay) by selecting the appropriate tab. You can preview the description by clicking the Preview button

Product Notes

2. Upload your own images either from your computer or via URL

You can associate images to variations by clicking the Associate Images to Variations button

3. Add any custom fields by clicking the edit icon Icons.png

4. Click Next

1. If your product has variations, on the Variations tab, tick the box Has Variations

2. Select the:

Variations Set - a grouping of variations that would be used together e.g. size and colour

Variations - the individual product variations

(If you have not already added the variations, click here for details)

3. Once selected, type in the variation values separated by a comma (e.g. red, yellow, pink), select if you want individual SKUs generated and the barcode options, then click Generate Variations

4. Complete/edit the automatically generated information for each variation if necessary (title, price, quantity etc.)

5. Click Next

1. Complete any sale-channel specific information on the Sales Channel tab, for example, Buy it Now and Best Offer information for eBay or click Copy Information from Master Product Details

2. Complete your product by clicking Save or Save and List (top right)

Next Steps

Now you've added a product to Expandly, you might want to:

Manage listings

Manage orders in Expandly

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