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Sell items in a bundle or kit and have Expandly update the bundle and individual item stock levels - ensuring you never over sell.



Before creating kits and bundles in Expandly, ensure you've added the individual products either manually, via CSV/TXT, or via sales channels.

For detailed instruction on how to, click here

1. Using the left menu, click Products & Listings  and then Manage Products 

2. On the Manage Products page, click Expandly_-_Add_Product.png (top right)  and select Add Manually

3. Complete the information on each of the tabs, clicking Next to move to the next tab:

Product details tab - add the information you want including in your listing, including any compulsory fields marked with a red asterisk. This includes title, selling price, SKU, description and photographs. 

Variations tab - if your product has variations, tick the 'Has Variations' box and complete the variation information. 

Sales channel tab - add any sales channel-specific information (such as Best Offer for eBay) by selecting the sales channel, clicking Copy Information from Master Product Details and making the necessary amendments.

Bundle item tab - tick 'has Bundle Items'  and add the bundle items by typing in the product name and selecting to auto-filled suggestions. Amend the quantity of each item in the bundle and Expandly will automatically calculate the total quantity available. f your bundle has variations If you bundle has variations, click Has Variations on the variations tab and complete the required information.


4. Once complete, click  Save or Save and list now

1. Using the left menu, click Products & Listings  and then Manage Products 

2. On the Manage Products page, click Expandly_-_Add_Product.png  (top right) and select Add via CSV or TXT

3. On the Add Products via CSV or TXT page, download a sample CSV file by clicking the Sample File button (top right) (or click here to download)

4. Open the downloaded file in Excel (or any other spreadsheet software) and enter the bundle information in the same format as the example product. Be sure to fill in columns CF-CH with the specific information about the bundles. 

5. Once completed, save the CSV and upload it to the Expandly using the drag and drop Drop Zone, or manually selecting via Choose File Add_CSV.PNG

6. Click the green Upload button Expandly_-_upload.png and wait for confirmation that the upload was successful

Next Steps

Now you've added your kit/bundles to Expandly, you might want to:

Manage listings

Manage orders in Expandly

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