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In this guide, we will show you how to add and configure your Xero account in Expandly.


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Adding your Xero account to Expandly

1. Click Settings (left menu) and then Xero


2. On the Configure Xero page, click mceclip1.png(top right) to be redirected to Xero

3. Login to your Xero account

4. On the next page, click mceclip16.png to authorise Expandly to connect with your Xero account


5. You will then be redirected back to your Configure Xero page in Expandly


Viewing your Xero status bar

At the top of the Configure Xero page, you'll see your Xero Status bar:


You can use this to:

View and Refresh Currencies imported from Xero 

This field will show all currencies imported from your Xero account (If any new currencies are added to Xero after the connection is established on Expandly, you will be required to Refresh Currencies to bring these in)

Select your 'Send SKU to Xero' preference

This allows SKU information to be sent across to Xero alongside your invoices - we would recommend turning this off if your SKUs exceed Xero's character length limit of 30

View and Refresh the Lock Date importing from Xero 

A lock date can be set on Xero to stop users from changing data before, and including, a specific date. These are typically used to prevent data editing when financial records for the year are being prepared, or at the end of a sales tax period. If a Lock Date has been set, date information can be viewed here (you will need to alter this date in Xero direct and Refresh on Expandly if you are wanting to import orders to Xero from before the lock date) 

Deactivate the connection to a Xero Organisation 

Delete the connection with Xero 

This will remove our connection with your Xero account and you will no longer be able to send orders to Xero via Expandly 


Mapping your Sales Channels, Other Revenues and Taxes

To get started, you want to link your sales channels in Expandly to the appropriate account in Xero, map any other revenues (such as shipping and gift wrapping) and taxes


1. On the Configure Xero page, within the Map Sales Channels section, for each separate sales channel, select the following from the drop-down menus:

Sales Account - select the sales account you want your orders to go to, per sales channel


Status - this determine what section you want the invoices to be sent ot in Xero. You can send as Draft (invoices go into Xero's draft section for you to approve in Xero), Approved (invoices go in to Xero's approved section for you to sent to 'Paid' in Xero) or Paid (invoices go straight into Xero's paid section)


Bank/Control Account - will allow you to select the default bank account in Xero. Also, by clicking on the edit icon, gives you the ability to map individual payment method with different bank accounts, including your asset (also known as control, suspense or contra) account



N.B. Xero require all accounts to have unique numerical codes. For more information on how to add this information to your Bank Accounts, click here

Batch - allows you to send orders as either Individual (order sent individually to Xero, creating individual invoices) or Grouped (orders are batched together according to sales channel, tax method & currency and are sent together to Xero, creating a group invoice with a combined total)


Due Date - the invoice due date on the invoice will be set as the date when the order was placed on the channel. By entering a value in this field, it will increase the due date that appears on Xero 

2. Once finished, click mceclip9.png (top right of the Map Sales Channels section) 

3. If any changes are made in Xero itself (you add a new Bank Account for example), click mceclip11.png (top right of the Map Sales Channels section), to update Expandly

4. Further down the Configure Xero page, you will also be require to map your Other Revenue and Taxes by selecting the relevant Xero Account Type and Xero Tax Name in the drop-down boxes. Click mceclip10.png (top right of both the Other Revenues and Taxes sections)


(For guidance on adding sales taxes to Expandly, click here)


Adding Tracking Categories 

If you have any tracking categories in Xero, you can map them in Expandly to Account Name, Payment Method, Country, Origin, Destination or Sales Channel:

1. On the Configure Xero page scroll to the bottom and within the Tracking Categories section, select the applicable Expandly Fields you wish to map to. 

2. Once selected, press mceclip10.png



Setting up Xero Schedule / automatically pushing orders to Xero

You can set up Expandly to automatically push you orders to Xero by:

1. On the Configure Xero page scroll to the bottom and within the Xero Schedule Setting section, click the 'Send Automatically to Xero' to mceclip15.png and use the drop-down box to select your preferred frequency (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) and Time Zone.


N.B. Expandly will send orders to Xero from up until midnight of the previous day. The scheduler will also only come into effect as of the date that this is switched on Expandly. If you are hoping to send historical orders over to Xero, these will not be picked up on the Scheduler and you will be required to manually push these orders instead

2. Press mceclip10.png to finish 


Sending Orders to Xero

If you would prefer to push your orders to Xero manually, you can do this via your Manage Sales Orders page 

1. Click Sales Orders (left menu) and then Manage Sales Orders


2. Locate the orders you wish to send to Xero by using the filters (top left) and select by ticking the boxes on the right


N.B. Expandly will only start importing orders once a connection to a sale channel has been established. If you are wishing to send historical orders across to Xero, you will be required to carry out a Manual Import of orders. For more details on how to do this, click here

3. Click mceclip18.png and then click mceclip19.png


4. Orders will then be in a queue to be sent to Xero. Please check back after 10-15 minutes. 


Checking the progress of orders sent to Xero

1. Click Sales Orders (left menu) and then Manage Sales Orders

2. On the Manage Sales Orders page, within the Xero column you will be able to view the status icon of the order

mceclip7.pngOrder not yet attempted to be push to Xero

mceclip8.png Order sent successfully to Xero and invoice created. You can hover over this icon to view the Invoice Number and can click on the icon to be redirect to the invoice within your Xero account

mceclip10.pngOrder attempted to be sent to Xero but has failed. You can hover over this icon to view the error reason(s). For more information on common Xero errors, click here


Using Sales Order filters with Xero

On the Manage Sales Orders page, there are additional filters available, to assist with completeness 

1. Click Sales Orders (left menu) and then Manage Sales Orders

2. From the Filters drop-down (top left), select the filters you wish to apply to your sales orders. Filters available include: 

Invoice Number - to show sale order details associated with a particular Xero invoice number 


Sent to Xero - to filter by either orders that have, you have not been sent to Xero


Xero Batch ID - this will show all orders that belong to a particular Xero Batch ID, if sending orders as grouped,



Additional Xero Support 

Please see a list of Support Guides below, that may help with specific Xero processes, or any queries you have:

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