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In this guide, we will explain how to add, edit, view and delete sales taxes in Expandly

How sales tax is applied in Expandly

Orders that come into Expandly are treated as gross - i.e. the order total is inclusive of any sales tax. 

There are different ways to add taxes onto orders in Expandly:

1.Country, Sales Channel & Consignment Value settings - apply taxes based on Country, Sales Channel/Sales Channel Account(s) and Consignment Values.

This will allow you to create and manage taxes based on Country, Sales Channel and Consignment Value 

2.Product settings - apply a tax to certain products or variations. If you sell products at different tax rates, you, you can apply the Tax Rate information to the product(s)/Variation(s) in Expandly.

Things to Note:

  • If taxes are not set up in Expandly, the tax (if any as not all sales channel will supply this detail) provided alongside the order will be applied.
  • Setting up Country, Sales Channel & Consignment Value or Product Tax rules will automatically over-ride any tax information provided alongside orders from the sales channel and this will instead become the tax applied to the order.
  • Orders must match all criteria set out within the tax set up, based on Country, Sales Channel & Consignment Value in order for the tax to be applied in Expandly. If it does not match, the tax (if any) supplied alongside the order will be applied instead.
  • If there are more than one tax type that match, Expandly will match with whichever tax is found first. 
  • If the tax type it finds has product tax enabled then normal process for product tax will follow and this will then supersede the Country, Sales Channel & Consignment Value Tax or tax applied alongside the order. E.g. you could enable Expandly to overlook a 20% UK order tax, from your eBay sales channel, for a value greater than £50, and instead apply 5% tax on children’s clothing.

Adding new Sales Taxes 

1. Click Settings (left menu) and then click Taxes


2. Click mceclip1.png (top right)

3. On the Tax Detail popup complete the following information:

  • The name of the tax (to be used in Expandly)
  • The rate (in %)
  • The countries the tax should be applied to
  • The sales channel/sales channel account(s) the tax should be applied to
  • The currency, condition (greater than, less than, equal or between) and consignment value, that the tax should be applied to
  • Whether the tax is to be active or not (the toggle will enable/disable this)
  • Whether you will be allowing Product Tax (if you want Expandly to override the tax setting when a product tax is in place, enable this)



4. Click mceclip3.png to save.

Viewing, editing and deleting Sales Taxes

1. Click Settings (left menu) and then click Taxes

2. Here, you can view any sales taxes you have added to Expandly


3. Click the edit mceclip5.png icon (in the Action column) to make changes to the Name, Rate, Country or to Allow Product Tax. Click mceclip6.png to save changes

4. Click the delete mceclip7.pngicon (in the Action column) to remove a sales tax from Expandly. 

Next Steps

Now that you have set up Sales Taxes in Expandly, you might want to:

Add product tax to products in Expandly

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