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Integrate and configure your Xero account in Expandly.



1. Click Configuration (left menu) and then Configure Xero


2. On the Configure Xero page, click Add New Connection (top right) Expandly_-_Add_new_connection.png to be redirected to Xero

3. Once redirected, login to your Xero account

4. On the next page, click Authorise to allow Expandly to connect with your Xero account

5. On the next page, configure your Xero account (details below) and then click Map My Accounts to finish

At the top of the Configure Xero page, you'll see the Xero status bar:


You can use this to delete the connection, send SKUs to Xero (we recommend turning this off if you SKUs exceed Xero's character length of 50), and the lock date (you will need to alter this in Xero and refresh here if you want to import orders from before the lock date). 

To get started, you want to link your sales channels in Expandly to the appropriate accounts in Xero


1. On the Configure Xero page (Configuration (left menu) > Configure Xero) for each sales channel, select the following from the drop-down menus:

Bank Account - click on the edit icon to map individual payment methods with different bank accounts, including your asset (also known as control, suspense or contra) account


Sales Account - select the sales account you want your orders to go to, per sales channel

Status - Draft (invoices go into Xero's draft section for you approve in Xero), Approved (invoices go into Xero's approved section for you to send to 'Paid' in Xero) or Paid (invoices go straight into Xero's paid section)

Batch - Individual (orders sent individually to Xero, creating individual invoices) or Grouped (orders sent together to Xero, creating a group invoice with a combined total)

NB. Batch will group orders with different tax types into three different invoices (no tax, inclusive tax and exclusive tax)

Invoice due date - The invoice due date in Xero will be the date of the order. To change this, enter in a figure to delay the due date in Xero. 

2. Once finished, click Map Accounts (top right) to save

3. If you make any changes in Xero itself, click Refresh Accounts (top right) to update Expandly


4. Further down the Configure Xero page, you need to map your other revenue and taxes by selecting the relevant Xero Account Type and Xero Tax Name in the drop-down boxes and then clicking Map Accounts and Map Taxes buttons to finish


(For guidance on adding sales taxes to Expandly, click here)

If you add any extra currencies to Xero, you can import them into Expandly by:

1. On the Configure Xero page (Configuration (left menu) > Configure Xero) scroll to the bottom and click Refresh Currencies


If you have any tracking categories in Xero, you can map them in Expandly to account name, payment method, country, origin, destination or sales channel - once selected, press Save


You can set up Expandly to automatically push orders to Xero by:

1. On the Configure Xero page (Configuration (left menu) > Configure Xero) scroll to the bottom and click the "Schedule Automatic Push to Xero button" to On and use the drop-down box to select the frequency: DailyWeekly, or Monthly.


N.B - Expandly will send Xero orders from up until midnight of the previous day.

2. Press Save to finish

1. Ensure that sales orders are up-to-date in Expandly - this happens automatically every 15 minutes or alternatively click Manual Import (top right) Expandly_-_Manual_import.png on the Manage Sales Orders page

2. Click Sales Orders (left menu) and then Manage Sales Orders 


3. Locate the sales orders using the filters (top left) and select by ticking the boxes on the right

4. Click Print (top centre) Expandly_-_Print.png and then Send Orders to Xero

I'm having tax rounding issues on WooCommerce orders

If you're experiencing tax rounding issues when using Expandly to send WooCommerce orders to Xero, ensure that you set your currency decimals to 2 on your WooCommerce account (WooCommerce > Settings > General > Currency Options). 

I can't send sales orders to a different Xero organisation

If you have previously sent an invoice to an organisation in Xero using Expandly, you will be unable to re-send this invoice to a different organisation. This is because it causes a duplication in invoice numbers for the same order, which can cause problems later down the line. 

Next Steps

Now you've sent your sales orders to Xero using Expandly, you might want to:

Run reports using Expandly

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