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Logo1.png Using Xero - Adding, configuring & sending orders to



Integrate and configure your Xero account in Expandly.


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1. Click Configuration (left menu) and then Configure Xero


2. On the Configure Xero page, click Add New Connection (top right) Expandly_-_Add_new_connection.png to be redirected to Xero

3. Once redirected, login to your Xero account

4. On the next page, click Authorise to allow Expandly to connect with your Xero account

5. On the next page, complete your Xero preferences and then click Map My Accounts to finish

1. Ensure that sales orders are up-to-date in Expandly - this happens automatically every 15 minutes or alternatively click Manual Import (top right) Expandly_-_Manual_import.png on the Manage Sales Orders page

2. Click Sales Orders (left menu) and then Manage Sales Orders 


3. Locate the sales orders using the filters (top left) and select by ticking the boxes on the right

4. Click Print (top centre) Expandly_-_Print.png and then Send Orders to Xero 

Next Steps

Now you've sent your sales orders to Xero using Expandly, you might want to:

Run reports using Expandly

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